Born into a sizeable extended family, Joanna grew up amidst a quiet storm where she was able to retain certain calmness. Coming from a family of artists, it was only natural that once she picked up a camera, the images that would transpire would evoke emotion in timeless style. With the inspiration and motivation from her family, she proceeded to take photography classes as well as pursuing a western education. Since graduating college, she has been working as the Studio Manager for Art Brewer and is a certified digital technician and assistant traveling the world with various photography teams. Over the last 6 years, she has worked as the Program Coordinator for the Arts Abroad Program with NYC-SVA, traveling to various countries to teach action surf photography and post processing. She has shot a number of magazine features, fashion spreads and 3 magazine covers.

Photographer, Producer, Digital Technician. When I have my camera bag with me, I feel invincible. Not sure what it is but putting that lens in front of me is like my special power. My adrenaline starts pumping and I never know how I am going to react. 

My favorite things to put in front of my lens are people and places. Shooting everyone from athletes, musicians, actors, families, brides and grooms gives me the capacity to see each person as playing a character. Once that is established, we are all super heroes and magic ensues. 

Traveling gives me a new outlook on life, literally. Experiencing new places, faces and cultures is the most amazing experience that cannot be described in words. My goal is for my images to make you feel my experiences! Whether it be laughter, love, happiness, hope, lust, fear or just a sense of calmness. It is emotion that I seek.


Our Story

The obsession started in 5th grade at our first overnight school field trip. A camera was on the list of items to pack so my mom packed it. She had no idea what reaction that would have. Today, I have been a professional photographer and digital technician for the last 10 years working closely with photographers like Art Brewer, Nels Israelson, James Cant, Mark Hanauer, Ana Gibert, Walter Smith, Christopher Griffith, Tom Servais, Jeff Hornbaker, Janice Dickinson, Frank Hoppen, Robert Brown, Adam Campbell, James Cassimus, Robert Laberge, Craig Stecyk III and the list goes on. 

My Jack Russel, Rocco, likes to come with me on set. With a brown head and white body, he always gets the models attention.

My Jack Russel, Rocco, likes to come with me on set. With a brown head and white body, he always gets the models attention.

I also work on production with the Arts Abroad Program at the New York School of Visual Arts. We travel the world with college students and immerse them in various cultures like the surfing in Puerto Rico and Nicaragua. This summer we will be traveling to Bali, Indonesia.